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    Any other alternatives to payday loan?

    Hi All,

    We all know that payday loans are not healthy loans, so what are alternatives to it?

    We know people who take payday loan are basically under urgent financial need and are with poor credit standings. SO what are the alternatives to payday loan?


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    I disagree. I believe the majority of people who use payday loans do it time after time after time. They are not always in urgent financial need, but they tell themselves they are. Urgent need is like when the car breaks down and you can't get to work, not when you spent too much on cable movies or your cell phone and now you don't have money to go eat out. It is a lifestyle some people allow themselves to get into. Unfortunately it is a little like gambling; the house always wins.

    I used to have a guy working for me who was like that. He was always in hawk to the loan sharks. His theory was as long as he could afford the payments, he was alright. He was garnished on a regular basis, and he was always looking for an early paycheck, even though he earned pretty good money.

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    People who are aware of the cost of doing business with these creeps take one look at the agreement and realize that ANYTHING would be better than borrowing here. Car title loans are even worse I think. You get sucked into the vortex of debt and are lost forever until you claim bankruptcy or get bailed out by someone.

    The best answer I have heard so far was actually done as a parody on "Saturday Night Live" with Steve Martin. You may find it on U-Tube.

    The answer was, if you don't have the cash, don't buy it.

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    I absolutely agree with this. And if it's something really important that you don't have cash for, like say food... well then ya may need a different job.

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    From what I've seen, for people who need a few hundred dollars now, but don't get paid for another week or so, their options are:

    -Borrowing from friends/family
    -Taking out an advance on a credit card (not sure what kinds of fees this entails)
    -Writing the check (knowing it will bounce, but your banks overdraft protection will kick in. The average overdraft protection charge is something like $27)
    - Pawn shop or title lender (if you have something to put up for collaterol)
    - Payday loan (cost in most states is $15-$17 per $100 borrowed)

    I don't know of a bank that will loan you just a few hundred dollars.


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