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    Heart Palpitations/Racing Heart

    Since this morning I’ve seemingly had Hesrt Palpitations/Racing Heart, could this be Anxiety? I don’t have any pain in my chest, though I do have a headache, I tried taking my pulse and it seems to be ranging from anywhere rpm 50 to 90 BPM?

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    Hope you didnt mess about and went straight to A and E.

    An ECG will tell the Docs if there is an issue.

    First rule out physical issues. Best wishes op

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    It's probably nothing as I've had this on and off for 30 years, and I'm fine (I've been tested lots of times). However, I agree with Hoffmister that you should get it checked, perhaps at A&E, perhaps your own Doctor's surgery can do it. Just being told there's nothing wrong physically can relieve the anxiety and the symptoms.

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    Yes, most surgeries can do ECG's these days so you may not even need A&E. Palpitations are harmless in 99% of cases although they are very scary at the time. Good luck.

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    Had them lots of times and they are frightening, agree with everyone above - Doctor's visit is your only answer.


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