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    Your Top 3 Dealbreakers

    Let's face it, most of us are not moneyed and hence while we gravitate towards the usual things we WANT for our dreamhouse, we face reality and accept compromises.

    BUT...there are still limitations to what we can only accept.

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    Assuming that you don't want things like a leaky roof or mold (things everyone would consider a deal breaker).

    Things that are personal deal breakers for us, that other people might not mind, would be:

    1. No garage. We won't even look at a house without one, unless it's an incredible deal and there's an easy place to build one.

    2. Lots of stairs. There was a time when I loved having stairs, but now I'm too old for houses that have more than just a few steps.

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    Yes that is what I meant, something personal, and on that note, no one wants flood zone (though many houses are built on such land and people are buying without checking). That meant I will replace my flood zone with another.

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    After the general area has been decided, I look at the following.

    1. Busy roads
    2. Corner lot/ flag lot/ easement access

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    Not fenceable--I have dogs, and even without them would prefer a fence to delineate my space

    Under the house garage with stairs up to the kitchen--no fun carrying stuff up and down all the time

    House lower than the road--major drainage issues and reduced curb appeal

    Lots of inside issues too, including no place to put a big shower!


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