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    State Pension one week £10 higher.

    We have been looking after my mother in laws finances since April 2017.

    She receives 122.55 a week state pension but on the 4th of December 2017 she was paid 132.55 and since then it is back to 122.55 a week, has anyone who is on the state pension noticed this before and does anyone have any idea why this happens.

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    Christmas Bonus

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    Nice easy one - it's the 10 Christmas bonus.

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    Thank you both.

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    Is there also, or should there be, a winter fuel allowance?

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    There should be, assuming that she is living in her own home (not a care home) in the UK or certain other EU countries.

    But that will have been paid separately to her state pension and so should have been more easily identifiable by the OP.


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