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    S&S ISA by financial advisor - opinions needed

    Ok so following on from my other thread......
    "S&S ISA 10 - 15 year performance guess"

    Basically we have invested 100k in S&S ISA.
    40k is in already (20k mine - 20k in my wife's)
    40k will go in at the start of financial year and the rest the year after.
    In the meantime its sat in a GIA until it can be put into the ISAs.

    We decided to use a financial advisor as my father in law has done very well and recommended the IFA he uses.
    Also although I have read this forum many many times I still find the investment side of things very difficult to understand.

    I know on this forum IFAs aren't particularly highly thought of shall we say however we came into this money from my dads inheritance and wantedd to make the most of the money we got.

    Thanks to this forum I invested most of it and paid a little down on my mortgage, I was originally just gonna put it all in the mortgage until receiving great advice from you guys.

    Anyway back to the point, my IFA rated me risk group 5 out of 7 and my wife 4 out of 7 (scores 59 & 45 respectively).

    He has invested our money with Brewin Dolphin.
    Mine is in the Brewin Dolphin MPS Balanced.
    Wife's in the Brewin Dolphin MPS Cautious.

    Without listing every single holding the asset allocation is....

    33% Equities UK
    19% Equities US
    5% Equities Europe ex UK
    4% Equities Asia ex Japan
    2% Equities Japan
    2% Equities Emerging
    16% Bonds
    12% Absolute Return
    4% Cash
    2% Commercial Property

    So just wanted to know people's opinions on this.

    Much appreciated

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    So that's about 70% equities so reasonably aggressive in terms of targeting capital growth as opposed to wealth preservation.

    No experience with Brewing Dolphin so can't comment on that.

    I've read the other post as well and TBH I am still not clear on exactly what you want comment on. If you have worked through your objectives, attitude to risk, timescales etc. with an IFA at a cost are you now thinking of second guessing his allocations and investment choices?

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    Hi Alan, yes it seems as thought in second guessing everything at the moment. Think I'm just looking for a bit of reassurance that were making the right choice with our money really.

    Think the thing that threw me was on the other thread a few stating that a rough guide of 100k progressing to 140k over a 10 year period seemed a fairly small amount of growth.

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    To be clear when I asked my IFA for a rough guesstimate of what our 100k will look like in 10 years, he stated that roughly 4.5% would be realistic which is the return after costs.

    He stated it could be more but that it was better to be realistic than over optimistic.

    I think what I'm basically asking people's opinion on is that after costs is a growth of that amount over a ten year period a decent return.

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    Average annual growth of 4.;5% would see a 100k portfolio valued at c.155k after 10 years.
    You've not accounted for compound interest growth in your calculation.

    However, no portfolio will grow by a steady 4.5% a year over 10 years,
    The sequence of returns will vary, and given that we have had strong investment growth over recent years I would anticipate the next 10 years could bring more volatility and uncertainty.

    As your portfolio is reasonably aggressive, are you happy to accept it's value falling over certain time periods during the 10 years?


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