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Thread: Loan - Not Mine

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    Loan - Not Mine

    Hi All,

    My girlfriend is having a few issues with her credit report for a loan.

    Basically when she was younger her mum took the loan out in her name and never repaid it - we did a credit check and this revealed this. Her mum has admitted it and has also said she will pay it of so debt collectors don't come etc.

    Now this is all good and well (Its only 400 quid) - But it has affected my gf credit now and we are wanting to look for a mortgage.. Her credit is 12 on Experian

    We want to get this removed and obviously ringing the loan company and explaining what has happened will get it removed I guess BUT we don't want to put her mum in a situation where she is going to get in trouble by the police for false taking a loan out etc (FRAUD)

    SO basically is there a way where we can say to the loan company remove this from my credit file, add this onto her mums with her permission as it was her loan and don't take any action for the fraud part of the transaction and let her mum start paying it of direct to the loan company (Provident)

    Please help as with her score the way it is we wont get a mortgage.

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    she can ask, but I would not expect to have it both ways; either you shop mum for fraud or you live with the effects of it. You don't get to just ask people to accept mum's a criminal and get away with a cheeky grin and a "sorry."

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    What I was thinking damn, just thought maybe because of how low it was they would allow it lol

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    Call the police, its the only way to stop her doing it again. She's a criminal and needs to stopped and punished.


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