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    Private Property Relief

    I bought a flat about 10 years ago for 165,000with cash. this I rented since then. recently, I have moved in this flat. I wish to stay permanently but if I have to move because of job, I will have to sell this flat and buy elsewhere. I am recently married.

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    . I property tax relief I am eligible? I understand there is letting relief and capital gain tax relief.

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    Hey Satish, You need some expert advice on buying property in France, Spain or elsewhere. It makes a deal now because you need to learn the property stats of every place (considering the fact that you might be moving out because of your job). Best of luck my pal.

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    Well you can get definitely get some local area housing benefits. However in terms of tax related issues you should seek good professional advice.

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    If you plan to buy a flat you can, conduct a search online and find a reliable property website. I came across a good website - click here - they were of tremendous service that can help you to find a property for sale as well as for rental in your chosen area. They have a wide range and provide good services at reasonable cost as well.


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