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    Porting Mortgage and wish to cover all costs

    My current mortgage is with Barclays Woolwich.

    I am 1 year into a 2 year fixed deal.

    My mortgage is portable.

    If I port my mortgage can I use equity funds to cover all costs?
    IE Stamp Duty / Searches / Solicitors fees (Buy&Sell) / Estate Agent

    In theory my house is worth 300'000.
    I owe 180'000
    The house I want is 400'000
    Could I port my mortgage / Use 100'000 as deposit / Keep 20'000 to pay all fees?

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    where's the other 300k coming from on the purchase then?

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    You port the rate, not the mortgage.

    Your current mortgage is repaid and if you qualify for a new mortgage, the lender transfers the rate from the old mortgage to the new one with any increased borrowing offered on one of the lender's current products at the time

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    I believe your question, simply put is can I take 29k of the equity for fees instead of using it towards the next purchase?

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    The answer is yes, as long as your mortgage borrowing power is sufficient.


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