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    getting removed from CIFAS

    I am 18 a full time student, I have just been marked by CIFAS for some fraud activity on my bank account which i did not do.
    So i met a guy on instagram, he said he can get me free money all he needs is my card. So i gave him my card and the pin as well to get money as i did not have a job or income. My card did not have any money in it.
    a few days later I checked my mobile banking and saw large amounts taken and received in my account. I then reported to my bank and my bank said "this is fruad and we will close your bank account" they also said they will investigate this and get back to me. The bank have got back to me and are saying I am liable for x amount of money which i do not agree with. after barclays closed my account i opened one with santander but after 2 weeks they closed my account due to me been marked by CISFA.
    i do not know what to do.. i want to go university can i still get a student loan (tuition fee). will i be able to get a bank account and with i be able to get car insurance.
    Please help me...

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    What did you think this person would do with your card and personal security details?

    Where do you think this "free" money would magically come from?

    Easy solution? Get the CIFAS marker removed by paying back the money you owe.

    You openly allowed someone to use your personal banking card and security details to commit fraud and/or for money laundering purposes. You haven't got a leg to stand on.

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    Did not think of that anyway its done and if I pay it back to the bank will the CIFAS mark will be removed. I haven't seen anything about paying the money back and it will be removed. So how sure are you this will happen.

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    Where is this person now? How long had you known them?


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