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    Minimum Spend when using credit card

    This may have been answered elsewhere but I can’t seem to find an exact answer.

    What with the new laws on not being charged to use credit cards that have come into play I wonder where we stand with the minimum spend issue.

    So I visit a local store/pub and purchase an item for 3.99
    At point of sale the cashier states a minimum spend of 5 if using card (to cover cost of transaction) which can be upto 0.50

    So my 3.99 item has now cost me 4.49 and no doubt I’ve just picked up a chocolate bar to take it over the 5 mark that I didn’t need !

    Having worked many years ago for a large bank who issue the so called PDQ machines I read with interest at the time the contracts that stores are given to use such machines. There is nothing in there about charging additional cost to the customer to cover the cost of the supplier.

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    So option 1 is to walk away without purchase
    Option 2 is to pay additional cost

    I was once in a scenario in a pub where the barman poured a pint and then mentioned this said charge. I challenged it stating I refused to pay which he said “but the pint has already been poured out” (stalemate).
    Quick thinking I said why don’t you put the cost through your system as 10 and then give me the change from the original cost. He seemed happy with this but then on reflection he lost out on the 50p charge either way!!

    Most larger stores don’t bother with this issue and don’t charge the fee but smaller firms and businesses still do.

    One argument to work with is the law which states the sale of any item is agreed at point of sale (rather than what is shown on the label).

    I’d love to know a definitive answer to this issue. The most I found is that should a local business still insist on charging for using card by minimum spend they have to by law have a clear notice to the customer on display. Sometimes these are not so clear so worth looking for them.

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    Option 3 - Use cash.

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    It's fine for them to have a minimum spend.

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    There is no 50p charge to you for using the card so your 3.99 item still costs you 3.99. You will just have to spend that extra 1.01 to make it up to 5 worth of goods.


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