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    Can anyone tell me why there is cash showing in pension?

    As the title suggests, can anyone tell me why there is approximately 2800 in cash in my fundsnetwork pension?

    I have only ever invested money into Vanguard 80 and Blackrock 100.

    Is this just cash that is waiting to clear, or money I have made back from the investments? If so, should I be withdrawing it? Doesn't seem to make sense as I wanted it all to be contained in my tax wrapper?

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    Also, one other question I have is that the new fidelity site has a performace column which shows how well your investments have done over a period of time. Under mine it just shows 0.00 is this because of an error with the site do people think?

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    Either you or your adviser controls your holdings. Have you got it set up to pay dividends into your cash account?

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    I have just seen that when clicking on the information that this currently isn't working for investments in pensions.

    I agree it isnt easy to work around.

    I would use another platform but I cant work out when I started investing and how much has been invested so something within the platform that automatically calculates it would be much easier.

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    I suspect it is your tax relief. That arrives a few weeks later and goes into the cash account rather than follow your investment instruction.


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