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    Books on confidence

    Are there actually any good books on confidence? Like actual effective books.

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    There probably are, but I don't think you're going to get anything from a book that you can't get from forums, or through other people. You can read a book, or read a comment, or listen to some advice, but ultimately (if you're lacking in confidence) you're still going to have to be the one to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

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    you don't need a book. just do what you aren't confident in doing, get a rejection, realise the rejection isn't the end of the world or hurts etc etc, and try again. after 2 or 3 tries you realise there's no good reason to worry and your confidence builds

    by fleshing the message out over umpteen pages with umpteen scenarios, you can write a book on building confidence, but the bottom line is all summed up above

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    The ones I've flicked through looked too highbrow for me.

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    Not if you're referring to sex.


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