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    Don't Buy Leveraged ETF's! Unless you wa...

    and all this from Just and Old ARJI ( AverageRetiredJoeInvestor) .... Just passing on what I've discovered that many others Said Not to do.. Of course, I've been doing that my whole life!
    Subject:Why is CNBC Not being an advocate to use Leveraged ETF's?
    They say you will pay alot of Income taxes!
    This just co-incides with it being Tax Time and to scare you from Investing your $ into Using Leveraged ETF's in the same Indexesm but your buying Option to Own them to pay back 3 Times as Much as you invested /Bet on them .
    Thus For Every $1,000 Invested Your getting teh Buying Power of how much? = $3,000!
    BUTT! Since you can't buy them with IRA $, you have to buy them with A Taxable Account..
    and that means? Paying upto 28% CG taxes!
    Geech, your only going to Net 72% on your Profits?
    Its Not worth it , is it? and its just too risky!
    Or exactly what the Big Power Investors get with their Money, that you use to have at least $1 Million in assest to be able to buy and get that extra 200% Credit to borrow the $..
    Now you can do that yourself and with only $25,000!

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    Looks like Bitcoin GBTC is the way to go.

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    and now just out. 4X ETFs! Gotta love it!

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    • Wants Glass Steagull Act to Return
    • The Gov't has Less $ to Cover another Major Downturn than it did in 09'
    • We need Taxed Reduced, maynot not as much as Trump wants, but in the 20's.. for Corp. America to Be Competitive. The US Tax System is Uncompetitive.
    • We not spending enough time about spending costs of Healthcare..
    • Move to Limit Regulations of Markets-Buy Trump
    • Outlook next 6mos- Its sunny, but Partly Cloudy..
    • We are not yet at the End of this Business Cycle

    Keep enough in Cash/Bonds to cover a (-10%) Quick Correctio


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