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    Fearful of moving away and starting over

    I have been planning to move from Illinois to Florida or another state for many years,
    after I retired, especially, a few years ago. I have the money saved and a mortgage
    approval but am afraid of moving there alone as a senior single where I know no one at all. I have no one
    special at home. or in my life.I worry about finding new doctors and establishing myself in a condo and a whole new city, though I have visited the area many times. Done much research on the internet.
    I also have a serious health concern (no disease yet) and have low energy to get things done.
    Just thinking about leaving this mediocre apartment building after decades makes me very very nervous.

    How can I motivate myself to do this? It was always my dream to move to a sunny area where nature is scenic instead of the blah weather and environs.

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    Moving is a lot of work and a lot of stress. That said, you have to figure out whether any particular move is worth it to you. Only you will know.

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    It's probably a common theme. My parents always talked about moving to Florida for retirement. It never happened because they kept coming up with various excuses and reasons not to. Plus the draw, ties, and comfortability factors of continually to iive where they had for many decades (since birth actually) was too strong.

    Moving alone through is highly doable.

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    What type of community will you be moving to? Hopefully it's somewhere other seniors will be (ie a 55+) - I've found that those types of communities have a lot to offer in the form of social activities as well as needed support for medical and other social needs......for example, my community has transportation available for people who need rides to their medical appts but can't arrange it or find a friend to drive them.

    Moving will allow you to downsize, get rid of stuff, start fresh. Maybe rent for a year first to make sure you're up to living down here in FL, especially during the summer months when things get a little toasty.

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    First of all, I know how you feel about the weather LuckyM as I am in Wisconsin Winter weather (and for the most part, months before winter and a few months after) really Suck!
    When you say you have been planning.......what exactly do you mean by that? Make sure you visit places you're interested in and by that I mean, not just a "vacation"----but plan to stay for more than a week at a time and really LOOK around. Don't stay in a touristy part of town. Get to talking to the locals
    It's understandable if you have low energy due to a health condition but just take your time and see if a trusted friend or relative can help you in your search, checking out area, etc.
    It can be nerve wracking to think of leaving your "comfort zone" but ask yourself if you really want to be trapped there for the rest of your life. Life is very short and you have to take some gambles or you simply aren't living in my opinion


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