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    Funny experience today

    My husband and I are investors. While we were looking at this property earlier today to either flip or turn into a rental property, several people and their agents came and left in haste.

    The place is not pretty to look at. It suffers from this thing called old age. But it has great bones and good layout. Plus it is in a very good area.

    We were both chuckling everytime some people came by and left in a hurry.

    Why in the world would people be visiting a place that's clearly labeled as needing a lot of work expecting a move in ready home? Some of the Realtors even said out loud they didn't expect to stay long.

    Other investors out there. You guys run into the same thing?

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    People forget that the low-hanging fruit is often bruised and mottled. But investors know it tastes sweeter.

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    Hehe, yes. The place is a gold mine. If they accept the price we offered, we expect to make almost 100k in profit if we flip it. But again, as it stands it is definitely not "move in ready". It was quite hilarious to watch people come, make a face, and left in a hurry.

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    Who knows. People go to see homes and leave without wasting a lot of time for many reasons. If it makes you feel superior to think that they are all


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