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    Listing discrepancy

    I'm looking at a condo and the the listing says there is no parking included. However my agent sent me an old listing and it says a parking spot is included. Also on the property tax website, the description is listed as "2BR/1BA 1CG". Not all the units have the 1CG at the end, and going through old listings on zillow, the ones that the say parking included have the 1CG at the end on the property tax website. I believe the 1CG stands for 1 car garage
    This is a bank owned property. I do not want to have my agent ask the listing agent because this is a negotiating advantage for me.
    How likely is an error like this, and how do I get to the bottom of this before(if) I make an offer?

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    The CC&R's will spell out which units have parking spots vs. garages. At least they do out here. Ours are available at the county recorder's office.

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    Above... Listing agent should probably also be able to send the CC&Rs. - I'm not following how asking the listing agent to clarify the parking situation negates some advantage for you... On any property, but particularly for a bank-owned property... Explain?


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    Just an assumption but it sounds like the OP thinks that the listing agent erroneously thinks there is no parking but if there really is parking, the listing agent will place a greater value on the property. Perhaps start to market it as including parking, etc. IF this were the case, it could weaken the buyer's position.

    An old listing was shown but is it possible that the parking spot/garage space was sold by the owner? If the owners were having difficulties and if parking is in demand, that would be possible. I would suggest that knowing the parking situation definitively is more important than trying to play games with getting something that the listing agent doesn't think is included...or it could easily backfire on you. Find out for sure unless it really doesn't make any difference to you.

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    When I owned a condo and two garage parking spaces, I separately deeded the living unit and separately deeded the garage spaces. Per the covenants, I could have sold the garage spaces to another owner within the condo association - hence my rationale for separate deeds. The state property records actually listed these as separate and distinct, and not tied to one another. Thus it is possible there is a garage space “attached” to the condo but individually deeded and recorded.


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