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    Any Acid Reflux/Post Nasal Drip sufferers here? *maybe TMI*

    Keeping it short, I have suffered bad acid reflux for the last 5-6 years. It started almost overnight when I was going through an incredibly panicky episode and the doctor said it was most likely bought on by stress (as I have lots of digestive problems, always been a weak spot for me!).

    Anyway, last year I noticed in the morning I would have this unpleasant taste in my mouth, I'd spit it out and it would be discolored...brown maybe? Sometimes yellow. It would quickly return to normal.

    Anyway since around Christmas time I have had this unpleasant taste in my mouth, sometimes salty or just generally not very nice. However it's very hard to tell if this is reflux or post nasal drip. I say post nasal drip because I am currently sitting here with blocked ears, and I do regularly get this burning sensation in my sinus area.

    I went to my GP yesterday and mentioned it. (a month ago she gave me a nasal spray which hasn't worked). She is reluctant to give me antibiotics which is understandable, but I have had this for nearly a year, but with the symptoms increasing around December time.

    I'll also add, sometimes I wake in the night with a dry mouth, blocked nose and "that taste", when I spit, there is blood in it! The doctor says this is where it runs down into my throat and causes irritation.

    I'm just a bit perplexed because what with my anixety + reflux, I never know what is real and what isn't anymore

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    The post nasal drip is probably the body's way of protecting your throat from the reflux. Have you tried changing your diet to see if that helps?

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    I have reflux. Have had it for years. You will get to know what is best not to eat or drink so not to make it worse.

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    Just try to avoid drinking a bottle of sauvignon blanc before going to bed.

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    I have suffered for years from all the things you have mentioned. Sinus problems, coughs, etc., are very closely linked to Gerd and stress doesn't help either. I don't know what your eating habits are but I know I often don't help myself by eating many of the 'forbidden' foods at all the wrong times. Has your doctor never put you on a course of something like Omeprazole to see if that helps? I personally now buy Ranitidine max strength 150m in bulk from Ebay USA which is much cheaper than UK and it helps me when I need it most. Not ideal I know but it works for me. Hope you get sorted and a bit of peace of mind.


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