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    Anybody know where Escort Rider is?

    With the horrendous mud slides in California, I am wondering if anyone knows if he lives in that area?

    I think he is in the Los Angeles area, but not positive.

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    I noticed his absence too. The mudslides in Montecito CA (and Santa Barbara) are 258 miles from Los Angeles area where he lives (4.5 or 5 hours between Montecito and Los Angeles)

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    I've been wondering where he is too. Hoping he's coming back soon.

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    I was thinking of him also

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    Where he lives has not been affected by the mud slides, (nor the previous wildfires which facilitated an environment where mud slides could occur). Shared a lunch with him before I moved and found him to be an intelligent, fascinating, and delightful fellow. Hopefully, he will be back soon.

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    You know, I thought that was wrong....because I thought Santa Barbara/Montecito was less than 2 hours from Los Angeles.

    Oh, I just figured it out - some of the distance calculators are giving 257 or 258 miles because the main highway between Montecito/Santa Barbara and Los Angeles has been closed after the huge mudslides, and people need(ed) to drive around the closed highway.

    The first hit on my google search gave wrong information! But not wrong, because it gave the detour around the closed highway.

    first incorrect listed hit:

    The 2nd correct hit: scroll down to bottom at

    The correct info is 91 miles and 1 hour 51 minutes.


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