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    Information regarding taylor Morrison design center pricing

    Hi I'm a first time home buyer and I'm interested to buy a Taylor Morrison home in Apex.does anyone have a design center pricing sheet that you can share with me. The agents are asking me to sign the contract first and then get the design center pricing from if anyone can share it would be very helpful. Thanks

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    Can't you push back and say you won't sign a contract without the price list? I had a different builder but my price list was specific to my model, because - for instance - different models have different numbers of cabinets in the kitchen. So my pricing was based on the specifics of the model I was getting.

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    get a Realtor to represent you, not the on-site agents.

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    Well tried all that. But they refuse to budge saying that keep a budget in what you want to spend and at the design center adjust with or without buyers agent they are not giving their options pricing

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    Also, ask them if they have design center open houses where you can go see the design center without having a contract. If that doesn't work, just find out where the design center is located and show up. It's not nice but it might work.


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