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    New Launch J.P. Morgan Multi-Asset Trust plc.

    Hi all,

    Looking for your words of wisdom?. Having recently triggered my stop loss taking some profit out of my Investment in Hint rather than the limit price I that I failed to achieve I am now looking to invest in this trust.the proceeds to regenerate the dividends back into my Bank Account. Having retired and partially reliant on the dividends with prospects for growth over at least the next 5-10 years I feel that I could do a lot worse than diversify into this Multi-Asset vehicle however, the question in the back of my mind currently is, do I invest at launch or give it a little time to establish or look elsewhere. I am aware that J P I Shareholders following the members voluntary liquidation have the option of the rollover option into this new launch of this Globally diversified with lower volatility than a traditional equity portfolio and exposure to alternative assets such as infrastructure or elect to receive the cash offer on the table. The return profile of the new launch is likely to be different than that of the liquidated one in terms of of both reduced return and Gearing. Although it would be advantageous in my mind for the Trust if the rollover option was successful in terms of kick starting the launch which of course is the unknown entity. So do I Invest prior to launch, Waite and see what happens at launch or look for an established Multi-Asset Trust with a track record? If so, your thoughts please. The last couple of weeks in the market have not convinced me that the time is right for any launch just yet.

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    You might want to take a look at an earlier thread...


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    If you are with HL they are offering a 0.5% bonus allocation of shares.

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    Some investors prefer to buy positions at a time and price of their own choosing.


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