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    Pain in arms won't go away

    For the past week or so I've been suffering from this pain in my arms. It starts from my wrists, or maybe slightly higher, maybe the middle of my hand (top half, not palm) and goes up my arm till about my elbow. It feels as though it's a muscle and/or nerve type of injury. I can see that my right arm has swollen slightly & on my left hand I can see some swelling next to my thumb on the palm side. At times it doesn't really bother me. But then other times the pain can be really troublesome & grating. The pain is never too bad, but it's one of those one's that really fustrates you & takes it's toll. When I went to see the doctor about some other things on thursday I also showed her my arm & hand but she just dismissed it & said it's nothing. Was really suprised! Maybe the swollen arm isn't that obvious, but the one on my hand is very clear to see. I have my suspisions that this could be as a result of using my free-weights at home for the first time in a while during the course of a few days, without warming up properly. But a - I'm pretty sure I hadn't used them for at least a few days before the pain started, because I was unwell in other ways. And b - If it is because of the weights should it be taking this long to recover??

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    its nothing more than a strain. movement will release the nerve - whatever is upset with you.

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    In these days of 10min appointments perhaps you should have made a separate appointment for the pain in your arms, as GPs like to know from the start what you've come to see them about. Make another appointment and only mention the pain in your arms this time. See this Which? article 10 ways to get the best from your GP. Take a couple of good pics of the swelling and save them on your phone to show the GP.

    If there comes another time when you want advice can you please break up your post with paragraphs.

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    Pain in the arm that won't go away? Never head that. Pains in the arse that won't go away? Had a few of them alright...


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