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    How to find purchase price of home that was never listed

    I called the recorder who gave me the deed transfer date but the price wasn't on there. How can I find out the price? Is that public record or can it be hidden?

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    Depends on your state. As I understand it sales prices are not public information in Texas. In my state there are county websites with sales information, the local paper has sales information, and the state has a database.

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    In many states (most? except for the nation-state of Texas, which has to be different) sales price information is eventually available on a city or county website. This information is sometimes used to dispute assessment values.

    Sometimes the sales price is not useful (say, for transfers between family members, divorce, etc.)

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    Lake County, In. The recorder only had the transfer date. I'll try the assessor. It wasn't between family members.

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    I moved to Lake County Indiana last year and I have also noticed that sometimes you can find the sales price of a home online and sometimes you can't. The assessor's office should be able to help you though.


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