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    Balance transfer question

    Hi first post here. Question about balance transfers.
    If I transfer my visa balance to a lender with 0% offer for however many months but then
    spend a bit more on the visa I’ve cleared can I then transfer the new balance too ? So essentially transfer balance from the same card twice ?

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    Yes, provided that the BT card offers ongoing BTs at 0%. Many (most?) don't...they restrict them to the first 60-90 days or so.

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    I!!!8217;ve got until end March for BT!!!8217;s
    I!!!8217;m getting rid of my old card and my Next account as can!!!8217;t be trusted !!!55357;!!!56904; with any type of credit so doing BT then handing it over to dad !! Done with credit of this type

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    The Next balance might not transfer.

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    No Next won’t be a BT it will be paid off by my visa (currently has 100 on it which I want to transfer) then BT to my new 0% card
    That’s reason I wanted to know if i can transfer from same card twice
    I’ve checked and I can pay Next with visa.
    Once all done I’m finished with credit doesn’t work for me !!!


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