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    Sold car with HP on it

    Hello. I have done one stupid things - I sold my car with HP on it in October, was too naive and didn’t know if I’m allowed to do that. Of course I’m paying that finance off after sale. In december police have repossed this car from the buyer and I’ve got letter that car was involved in crime and buyer registered it at fake address and had fraudulent insurance. Bank has agreed to sell this car and apply proceedings to my credit agreement, also asked details anout buyer and would i be able to recognise him. Today i received threatening call from him asking his money back, he was saying that knows my address and etc. I called police immediately and they rung him back advising not to get in touch with me anymore and sort everything through solicitors. Can somebody tell me what he can do to us at this point? As he was involved in crime i believe car was taken for that reason (i have a letter saying that).

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    Listen to the police and your solicitors.

    Don't sell any more cars you don't own.

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    I know, it’s a good life lesson for me, however i don’t have a solicitor, anly Fraud department manager from the bank is dealing with it. I can’t understand why they are calling me now if the car was repossed 2 months ago.

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    Because they've probably found out you shouldn't have sold it so are hoping you will pay them back.

    Ignore their calls and report any further contact to the police.

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    Do i understand right that if i’m paying this finance off in time , bank wouldn’t toch this car? Guy from the bank said that car was left and police found it somewhere. They also told that shouldn’t be anything to deal with me apart from some fees which i have already paid. I’m just scared that those guys will go to soliciotrs (which is quite unlikely if there was crime in place) and we will have any further problems.

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    P.S. Sorry for the spelling, typing fast from my phone


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