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    BoA refuses to give full refund on unjustified fees

    2 years ago, a bank clerk offered me to upgrade my account. The upgrade was free as long as I had enough money on the account. Since then it's always been the case.
    About 2 months ago, after opening a new account at the same bank, I discovered that I had been charge $20 a month!
    I called them right away but they said they can only give refund for 1 year 1/2. What about what is missing?
    Is it illegal? What can I do to get full refund?

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    nothing new there, they have their own recovery program, you need to check when they informed about changes etc and then talk to a lawyer, also check if there isn't a class action lawsuit already, BoA has so many pending

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    Good advice about the class actions! I had not thought about it.
    Looks like they indeed have a lot...

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    That is very inspirational to carefully check the statement each month

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    The banks makes hundreds of millions of dollars on people not checking their statements. If you're not expecting to have a fee, and normally don't check your statement, it may pass by you for months. Once you do realize it and go to the bank for a refund, their reasoning is always, "These fees are too old to refund now, why didn't you take care of this months ago?".

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    Get out of the BofA . They were going to rip us off from $1,500 in fees. They didn't want to return the money. I told them I wanted an appointment with one of their CEO's. It worked they gave us back our money. BofA is a thieve . This is not customary of all the other places I have banked with.


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