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    Lonely office advice...

    I'm not really sure why I'm writing this. It's not the sort of thing I'd usually do but I've got to a point now where my work has become such an empty place that I've got no co-workers to bounce my worries back to. It may be a blown-out-of-proportion type of thing but with no one to speak to - it feels like I'm nearing the edge of a cliff.
    So with that dramatic opening (sorry) - the issue.

    I work in a small (but long running) office. 5 years ago I was the new guy in an office with 4 other people.
    We each had a role and a reason. Each person knew what was expected of them and we worked well as a team.
    Eventually one person retired, one person went AWOL with no real explanation offered to the staff of what happened, then the main member of sales - a really strong, highly regarded employee - found the grass to be greener elsewhere.
    With each person leaving - they weren't replaced.

    Initially being part time I was glad to accept some extra hours / duties when leaver #1 went. With each member of staff leaving it was assumed I would pick up the slack. I don't have much of a voice when it comes to being walked over, so I took it and accepted it as part of 'my job'.

    It's now got to the point where I am juggling numerous individual roles - accounts, payroll, deliveries and now with the 3rd member of staff (our last sales person) leaving - I am also doing sales. I managed to voice that I am not a sales person, I don't particularly like working on the phones etc - and I was assured by the director/last remaining co worker - that this would be understood and that he will pick up the slack on that front. That lasted a few weeks and now I'm viewed as the sales person's replacement.
    I wish I could speak up but I can't. I'm not proud of it, I'm generally a shy person but my confidence has taken such a blow in recent years that I can't bear to rock the boat.

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    Fast forward a few months and I am now juggling all these roles and anything else that the boss decides is beneath him.

    I feel deflated, tired and like I'm going round in a loop. I've applied for a few jobs and received an interview last week - my confidence was so shot but I managed to go. I convinced myself it wasn't for me and decided work surely wasn't that bad (or more likely my fear of meeting new coworkers and fitting into a new environment etc convinced me I'd be OK where I am currently).

    The Director is a smart guy, though is fairly manipulative and not the easiest to work with.
    His favorite thing just now is saying something deliberately provocative to me (usually derogatory) and if/when I bite - he turns it round on me and makes a hand gesture as if he's casting a fishing line out. Like he's deliberately playing with me. And being the only one in the office I've got no one to confide in, no one to speak to or figure out if I'm alone in this. Right now I feel completely alone.

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    You need to concentrate on finding a new job. Focus on that. If the boss starts being a t**t just smile and think about how great it will be when you hand him your notice.

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    The fear of the unknown is always a problem when looking elsewhere for a job. It holds a lot of people in place. Best thing that happened to me was getting a new job and then not surviving the probation period. I wanted to get out of my job so much I basically went to an interview and answering everything with what they wanted to hear to the detriment of finding out what I really wanted. As a result it wasn't really a good match. The mindsets and working expectations were too different. However that made me realise that changing jobs wasn't something to fear so my subsequent interviews and job were a lot better match.

    What I'm trying to say is you want to leave but you've convinced yourself not to from the fear of the unknown. It's not as bad as it seems.
    Alternatively you tell your boss that you can't do the job of three people and to get somebody else or you're leaving.


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