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    Bank suggestions!

    I currently have an account with suntrust and i'm thinking about switching to a new bank but i need some suggestions. I live in Knoxville, TN the only banks we have to choose from is BofA, BB&T, First Tennessee (I've aleady had an account there), Suntrust, and Regions. Unfortunately, theres no citibank, wells fargo/wachovia, or nething like that here. I'm looking for a bank with mobile banking, a good checking account, i wud prefer no monthly fees but i can settle for a low monthly fee if it's a good checking account.

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    U T Federal Credit Union‎1924 Alcoa Highway, Knoxville, TN 37920-1511(865) 305-6691‎

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    Hey I live in knoxville too. I use bank of america, for the simple fact that all of my accounts are there. I know there's a lot of hate thrown at the huge "big brother" type banks...but it's easy and convenient to have a bank that's all over the country that can house all of the different investment accounts I need,


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