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    Do we now have 'Perpetual QE'?

    Some rather intertesting information about the results of QEI and QEII - essentially, a commenator is saying that America now has so much debt that it it will be receiving $750billion per annum in principal repayments, which it can then use as QE without referring to it as such. Ie hidden QE but with the same effect, with the overall long-term aim of gradaul inflation to inflate away the debt itself. Not sure if I have described this clearly, but the link is below. I would be interested in your thoughts on this. Clearly, if it is true, whether they announce the 'end' of QEII becomes rather irrelevant, if the rollover of current debt amounts to new QE in any event - and if so, asset prices will continue to rise.

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    "asset prices will continue to rise." Yes, in devalued fiat currencies. Bring back the Gold Standard, - as some States want to!

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    The Fed now owns more government debt than any other country; more than Japan or China. What would happen if they bought all the government debt. Would that mean that the government is then debt free? Is that also why the are buying any sort of asset or private bonds because they don't want to own all the government debt. And if they did own all government debt would they be doing anything different from Zimbabwe except a little more covertly?

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