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    ❗️Urgent - E-Bay hack❗️

    I've just received a question about an item I'm "selling" - only I'm not. I've not sold anything since last summer so I never check that section of My E-Bay.

    But obviously now, I just went to have a look and there are nine items listed - all active, big ticket items like a jukebox and ride on lawnmower - and all absolutely nothing to do with me. My PayPal account appears untouched thank God.

    What do I do?

    My plan was to delete all the listings, change my password etc. Do I need to document it all and notify E-Bay? Anything I've missed?

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    Talk to e-Bay. They are probably in a far better position to help than a bunch of random strangers on an internet forum.

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    • Jeez, I just wondered if anyone had any experience of it. I'm still trying to find a contact number for E-Bay!

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    I'd contact ebay as well to be sure if it were me.

    What I would ask is are you sure you're on ebay? If you received this question through email with a link/links to click through and then were asked to log in it could be some sort of phishing attempt to steal your login details. If you got the notification while already on ebay or any links definitely lead to ebay then ignore that.


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