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    UAccount - Card Usage Charge?

    I am looking to obtain the UAccount prepaid card, the free version, however their fees section uses wording which avoids card charges and I am uncertain on whether their "outgoing" charge of 1 (Direct Debit's etc.) includes using the card each time.

    I already know that the free version charges for ATM, Faster Payments going out of the account etc. which is not a problem.

    Do they charge 1 each time for using your card in-store, online and on gambling websites? If so, the card would be expensive and useless, however their live chat to ask is for customers only and I didn't hear back on the contact form. It is important I know the answer before going ahead with it.

    Do they report the account to your credit file like mainstream banks do? It wouldn't be ideal to have it reported as I already have Nationwide doing so on my behalf.

    If anyone who holds a UAccount could clarify this, that would be brilliant!

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    No charge to use the card in the UK.

    I don't know if you can use it for gambling. is a little confusing.

    On that page, PAYMENTS OUT 1 refers to the charge for direct debits and (outgoing) bank transfers.

    If you can live without direct debits, you might find Loot a better option. Fees here.

    Prepaid cards don't report to CRAs. Not being a bank is one of U's selling points. It's aimed at people who think they can live off the grid.

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    Thanks for the clarification. You are correct, their information is intentionally hazed to avoid losing custom over any limitations with the service.

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    As they are licenced, the FIU and HMRC can still catch people who feel "Off the Grid" with their services. I would hope people wouldn't feel like such.

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    Aside from that, they can be useful assets for financial management and separating general spending from business.


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