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    Bank Credit Card Blagged Deal

    Hi guys, from now on, whenever we run a big exclusive deal on the site, we'll open a new thread so we can keep track of any issues you might be having with the offer.

    With that in mind, we're featuring a new exclusive offer on the site that whilst perhaps not being suitable for everyone, we feel might be a good deal for some of you;

    Free 30 M&S voucher for spending a penny
    M&S BANK* - 25 MONTHS 0% (18.9% REP APR AFTER)

    Apply for the M&S Bank* card via the link by 30 November, and buy anything (even if you just spend 1p) by 31 December, and you'll get a 30 M&S voucher. You'll also get reward points when you spend on the card, plus you'll get 500 bonus points (equivalent to a 5 voucher) the first time you spend in M&S.

    The voucher will be emailed to you from this address; by 31 January and must be used by 28 February.

    If you have any issues with taking the offer, you can reach M&S on either 0345 900 0900 or by email at and they should be able to help.

    If you're still struggling, you can post on this thread, below, or reach us via direct email on:

    MSE Ryan

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    Just a warning that the M&S 'voucher' doesn't work the way I would expect! I used mine online, sent back a few items, so ended up spending a total of 43. So you'd think I'd get the full 30 off, yes? No! What they do (and this is company policy, not a mistake) is apply a bit of the voucher to each item ordered. Because the voucher is non-refundable, they then do not refund the bit applied to the returned items. The upshot being, I only actually got 7 from the 30 voucher, despite spending 43!
    After a rather long and stressful phone call to their Customer Services, they did give the money back, in the form of a gift card (which, unlike a voucher, is the equivalent of cash).
    So, get the voucher, by all means, but be careful how you use it.

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    myself and wife both took up this offer last time, store were unable to process the voucher for either of us, they checked out items purchased, date, all the conditions basically, but couldn't get them to work. They swapped our transaction to a service desk and made phone calls to try and find out how to do it, then in the end they keyed them in as a gift voucher or store coupon or something. Very embarrassing.

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    Thanks for your responses, I've just checked the link and everything seems to be working as normal!

    Just in case you can also find the offer through this page;

    Please let us know if you're still having difficulty.



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