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    Advice needed - cash sum to invest?

    My Dad has recently - and ridiculously generously - passed on some inheritance and I'm looking for some advice as to where to put it. I am looking for somewhere longer term (more than 1 year) to put 50k, and somewhere instant access to put 25k. Premium bonds? Savings accounts?! An alternative I haven't heard of?!

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    If your maximum timeframe is around a year or so, then you don't want to invest the money as you stand a good chance of losing value. You want savings accounts.

    A 1 year fixed rate savings bond paying 1.9% is available from Investec (for the 50,000). The remaining 25,000 could be split between interest paying current accounts and regular savers to get the best interest rate possible. Alternatively if you want a very easy life then open the best paying easy access saver.

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    Premium bonds offer no guaranteed return and make little sense unless you are feeling incredibly lucky.

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    Put it in stocks or mutual funds. Get advice from a real finance manager so you would know everything you need to know.

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    Please don't follow this advise to put it in to stocks/funds unless your time frame is significantly longer, i.e. at least 5 years.


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