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    Disputed Credit Card Transaction

    Hi Guys

    Last year I paid to attend a property workshop. Payment was made over the phone by giving my credit card details to an agent at the property company. I was sent an acknowledgement of the payment by email but there was no terms and conditions attached. A little while later I decided to cancel as I no longer wanted to attend. I phoned the company but the agent I spoke to didn't know their refund policy and said she would pass my message to a colleague that deals with refunds. It was nearly 2 weeks later before I received a response saying that I was outside the timeframe for a refund. This was now just 2 days before the workshop.

    I raised a dispute with my credit card company and was astounded when they eventually replied and had found in the property company's favour stating that even though I wasn't sent a copy of their T&Cs I could have gone online to find them. The letter informed me that I have 6 months to raise a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman so I intend to do so.

    I just want to know if their decision is correct. Is it really up to the consumer to go online and search for a company's T&Cs? I had attended a seminar that was run by another property company and their T&Cs were attached to the payment acknowledgement email. What are your views?

    This evening I saw a disturbing documentary about the inefficiency of the Financial Ombudsman and it highlighted the fact that they usually find in the banks' favour. I want to pursue this as I find it hard to accept that the onus is on the customer to find the T&Cs but would like to hear your advice on this.

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    Personally, I'd always check the terms and conditions before making the payment. It's a bit late to be asking once you've already handed the money over. Was it a cold call or did you phone them?

    It's not a disputed transaction, it's a change of mind. Not quite the same thing.

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    What were your reasons for not attending? I suspect that had you attended and found the workshop lacking or not as advertised you would have had good reason to request a refund.
    As it stands I think you might have a battle on your hands, sorry.

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