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    Is it worth trying to reclaim interest on previous Quickquid payday loans?

    Hey everyone, I have read stories of people who have complained about the ease of which Quickquid have handed out payday loans without doing the necessary checks to make sure the applicant can pay it back. I have read stories of people claiming back thousands of pounds from interest charges on these loans from Quickquid.

    Over the past 5 years or so, as stupid as it is, I must have had about 40+ payday loans from Quickquid and i'd imagine that the accumulative interest from these loans must be massive. I'm wondering if I would have grounds for a complaint with the hope of getting some compensation. My complaint would be based on the fact that on 2-3 occasions I have had to arrange a repayment plan with them due to being unable to pay back the loan. Despite this, following the repayment plan they continued to offer and accept payday loans for me. Surely it was clear that I was struggling and they shouldn't have accepted further loans. Wonga on the other hand must have checked my records more diligently and seen that I was having financial difficulties as they would not allow me to take out a payday loan. Quickquid must have noticed that I was trapped by their payday loans on many occasions and yet didn't hesitate in accepting more loan requests. I've also have a bad credit file for the past few years. Have I got grounds for a complaint? Would it be worthwhile seeing as it is a payday loan company and not a bank loan or credit card? Any help and advice would be appreciated.
    Many thanks.

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    See this thread:

    You have an avenue for redress, but each case is judged on their individual circumstances.

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    In fairness the reason why I continued to take out all these loans is because I was suffering with an awful gambling addiction for a long time. Only people who have been through the same situation will truly understand. Every gambling addict will get their hands on whatever money they possibly can through loans etc, regardless of the consequences. Especially in the early stages the addiction, the temptation and easily accessible funds is too much for true gambling addicts to resist. It's why all gambling addicts will and do have significant financial problems and why it ruins peoples lives. Anyway, at some point not so long ago I realised that the only way to win and to stop gambling is to remove the possibility by self-excluding from all gambling sites which is what I did. I still feel however that Quickquid should have realised that I was struggling to keep up with payments and therefore stop offering and accepting more loans.

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    Did you tell them you have a gambling addiction and this is what the loans are for.

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    Also o think they can only help if you have a mental health problem you have told them about.


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