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    NINO number required - why?

    Just looked at opening a Sainsbury's Bank savings account (not an ISA) and you must now supply your NI number. Why do they need this information? I've never had to supply it for other non-ISA savings accounts. Is this a new government requirement - I don't believe it is - or are they just harvesting personal data 'just in case'?

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    Probably ID checking to cover their posteriors

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    Income tax on interest disclosure from bank to HMRC.

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    If you're a conspiracy theorist you might think that they are just harvesting your personal details 'just in case'. Just in case, perhaps, they're feeling generous and want to settle your personal income tax bill for the year and don't know what reference number to put on the cheque to the tax man.

    Unfortunately the truth is more boring than fiction.

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    The NI number is the legal identifier for HMRC. Every country has different identifiers. Some have similar systems to us. Some use passport number. The UK uses NI number.


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