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    Can overpay by £3600 a year but what counts as a year?

    Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere.
    I can overpay by 3600 a year without penalty but what constitutes a year? Is it by tax year? Calendar year? Or literally over any twelve month period?
    Or perhaps it depends on the product?

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    It should be the anniversary of your mortgage start date.

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    I can overpay from 1st Jan each year I'm in a fix. So for me in my situation it's the start of the new year even though my original mortgage started in September. I guess it depends on what product etc

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    Thank you both. Suspect I will have to ring and ask .... And sit through their long winded phone menu!

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    Have you still got a copy of your mortgage offer?
    It should state in that.


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