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    SIPP/ISA Platform Charges Comparison

    I have been doing a lot of research lately, after having regrets over the transfer of my SIPP to Bestinvest earlier this year.

    Whilst the platform is OK, they do not allow direct investments in overseas stocks and I am also scrutinising their charges. I also want to consolidate what looks like some degree of possible over diversification in global growth funds. Their front desk also seems to be lacking in any technical knowledge on how their product works, charges and trading issues etc.

    With regards to charges I have found a site (link below) which details the RIY based on holding shares/investment trusts and/or funds and compares it against the other major platforms. Thoughts please ?

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    I have seen the daily telegraphs table, which whilst useful is quite presumptive. This comparison tool allows you to split your investments between IT's/Shares/ETF's and Funds.

    Interestingly enough, BestInvest is one of the cheaper platforms for my current 60/40 fund/shares split. If I was to move everything from funds into IT's it is one of the most expensive.

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    Indeed, it seems your research has paid off. So I guess this tool is quite useful.

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    Very good comparison website - I am happy with HL SIPP capped at 200,but I can see I must cut down on the trades!


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