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    Asking to settle

    Going through divorce struggling with many bills and credit cards. I am only month late on most. I can not by any means make these payments . Has anyone asked a credit card to settle on half if paid that day. Say if I owe $12,000 ask to take $6000 now call even? Any of them settle with out consolidation company .

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    Companies can and DO settle.. but usually they want more than half.

    Still.. you won't know until you try.. So make them an offer?

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    It is possible, but from what I know they would want you to be late for a while and become fearful that you won't pay them back. Of course they will be calling you constantly demanding payment, which if you have caller ID then you don't need to answer.

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    I would call them back when you have saved up in cash like David said just over half and then make them an offer. Usually it doesn't work the first time, but if you continue to be persistent then eventually they will cave.

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    You can do a lot better than 50% depending on who the creditor is....


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