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    Problems breathing in different bedroom

    I have a family member who has recently moved bedroom about a month ago, it's a much bigger room but on two occasions so far they have had breathing problems. They are fine in other rooms, for instance in the living room but after a short time in the bedroom their chest gets very wheezy and they are having to use their inhaler and it's causing discomfort.

    One of things we did when changing rooms was buying new pillows because it is a different bed they are sleeping in. I don't know if it could be an issue with the pillows, maybe the duvet or something else. The bedroom windows are closed a lot because we tend to get spiders entering the house from them. I do have insect nets in other rooms but am going to get more so that fresh air can flow in and out more easily. I just don't understand why it's just that room, it's only the second time in around a month but obviously we want to find out what the cause is. I've put a new condensation box in there which is scented so if it is that then it will turn into water and I know that could be the cause but I just don't know what else to look for. The difference with this room is it is bigger and the bed is bigger but the bedroom windows are always kept shut so not a lot else is different. Tomorrow we will throw the old pillows out in case it could be the old pillows causing any issues rather than the new ones, I think new bed sheets and new duvet would be a good idea too.

    Has anyone else had this issue or know anyone who has and if so what did you do to fix it? What was the cause? Is there anything I'm missing that I should be looking for?

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    Because the new room is bigger do you think that it could be slightly colder, my dad had COPD and it definitely got worse with the cold.

    OTOH I have asthma and prefer a cold room....

    Sorry, that wasn’t much help was it!

    Other than that, any different scented candles, diffusers, perfumes etc in the new room?

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    If you have something scented in the room that could be the cause, my husband gets wheezy around anything like that. I'd put the insect netting up and open a window to let air in, you can buy some insect/spider repellent to spray around the window (it does work, I use it). What type of pillows are they?

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    No there's nothing like that in the room, I actually thought that might have helped and was thinking of getting something scented.

    There might be something with the cold room but they do have the heating on a lot and because the windows are never opened the heat does stay in.

    There is an insect net in the toilet. The living room windows are OK. Unfortunately with the bedrooms they seem to attract spiders. It's not uncommon for them to be covered in webs shortly after being washed and wiped away. I hate spiders myself so I agree with keeping them shut but what I don't understand about that is the other room was the same, the window was never opened so why didn't this problem occur there regularly? I definitely think getting air flowing in and out of the rooms is a good thing. If the repellent spray does work I will get it.

    Other than than the change of bed and the size of the room, which is about twice the size of the previous room (single to double) there's nothing really different. Both were painted and carpeted at the same time around 3 years ago. I've recently painted the single room and want to paint the double room just to freshen things up but what's puzzling me and makes me want to fix this is it literally is when they are in that room they start getting wheezy and breathless, they need to use their inhaler and I just don't know what it is. Could it be dust? Tomorrow I want to dust everything.

    I don't know what is in the pillows. I know the new ones were called hotel pillows. I'm sure these were the ones we bought from Tesco.

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    It may or may not be the pillows, if you still have the old ones there is an obvious test. It could also be the bed or it could be psychological or even coincidence as it's only happened twice in a month.


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