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Thread: Netflix Scam

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    Netflix Scam

    I just received an email from my internet provider warning me about the Netflix scam. "Beware: This scam has targeted nearly 110 million Netflix subscribers and includes the Netflix logo."

    The scam
    begins with an email that states their account is about to be canceled or could not be billed. The well-designed, personalized fake email convinces customers to update their account information to avoid suspension. This results in stolen personal and credit card information!

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    Thanks and that goes along with the IRS scam, Microsoft scam, there's a scam here with the local electric company, card skimmers on gas pumps and local supermarkets. Just beware and don't give out ANY credit card info unless you are really really really sure it's a legit site.

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    First time to hear about this...... thank you for the information.

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    The way to avoid being taken by such scams is to NEVER click on the link provided inside the email. Instead, open another window in your browser and go directly to Netflix/your bank/Paypal/(whatever site the email is claiming is compromised). Log in and see what's up with your account. If the email was legit, you'll be able to update your info quickly and securely. If (as is usually the case) the email was a phishing attempt, you'll see your account info is fine, and the scammers have received no information they can use.


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