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    Bad neighbors just moved in.

    I have a relative that lives in a relatively quiet but tightly packed neighborhood by a lake.
    His next door neighbor passed away at 90, her house went up for sale and everyones worst nightmare moved in.
    He is yet to talk with the parents since they seem to be avoiding him but they have many kids that he suspects are foster kids and some seem to have developmental issues and they are causing problems.
    There are a few that like to play with themselves while standing in the street, (they are old enough to know better), but worse is that this gang of kids have been going door to door testing them.

    One neighbor reported that he came out of a back room to find the kids in his house and they pretended like they were looking for a friend.

    The other night my relative was standing in his barn when the gang kids came up his driveway and he heard one of them say "lets try this one". He made his presence known and they ran off.

    I wonder how long it will be before they start breaking into houses up and down the street? With Summer coming there will be windows and doors left opened for the cooling breeze.

    He already has problems with people coming down and hanging out on his beach despite the no trespassing signs everywhere.

    There is really nothing he can do except call the Police each time there is a problem and he is looking into getting a security system. He has a dog but it is too friendly to be a guard dog.

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    I would put up a good fence with a gate and lock it... as the first thing. Cameras or other security system.... these are getting more affordable all the time, for good ones that are wireless and notify you immediately if someone is there.

    If you really think it is a foster or other similar type of guardianship or custody situation there is probably licensing involved, and part of that licensing SHOULD be related to supervision, security and public safety. But you need to find out what kind of a situation it is.... perhaps actually talk to whoever is running the house, first.

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    I would call the police and CPS.

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    He has a fenced in back yard so that can be locked up. The only thing the separates the 2 houses is a narrow street. The kids can come out the side door and be on his property in about 20 feet.

    I think these people are going to be a major problem for everyone in that neighborhood. In just a few weeks the kids have proved that they are pretty much on their own and up to no good. It is going to get worse in a few weeks when school lets out for the summer.

    I think the Police are going to get tired of coming down to address problems.

    He is looking into a security system that will alert him on his phone. His other neighbor has that and he can watch his house in real time on his phone.

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    The police have to do something about the children exposing themselves. Why hasn't that been addressed?


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