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    How did you get your mobile phone contract?

    So I applied to buy a mobile phone contract today and got rejected as I have no credit history. But so many people seem to have contracts. Can i ask how you got them? Did anyone else have problems with credit? And if so, on what networks? Thanks

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    I am coming to the end of my 2 year contract on O2. I simply went into an O2 shop, said i need a new phone, preferably on contract, picked one, and bought it! and it was on offer so i got it for 15 a month rather than 30 never had any problems with credit (although it is charged to my parents' account which helps) and i've never heard of anyone being rejected before! maybe try going in a different shop?

  3. #3 will show you your credit rating for free and not do anything dodgy.

    if you need to build a credit rating..
    - register to vote
    - get a job with a regular income
    - if you're a student get a student credit card which will help with your credit history

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    O2 signed me on a three year contract worth 70,000 a week.

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    You can also get a bank account (not student) and this will help. I managed to get a contract this way.

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    I just applied for it and was approved. I'm not sure how/why, given I was unemployed, had no credit history and was in my overdraft at the time.

    I also got accepted for a catalogue company (everything else was the same but I did have a credit card for two months prior).


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