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Thread: Euro v £

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    Euro v £

    Just wondering: if the Euro is so wobbly, why is it still so strong against the Pound?

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    Co-incidentally I was reading this article by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard a moment ago: http://blogs.telegraph.c...t-strength-of-the-euro/

    The short answer, according to him, is that the Euro isn't strong - the pound (a 'deadbeat' currency badly damaged by Gordon Brown, he says) is weak.

    He cites other reasons, such as: if the eurozone breaks up and weaker members are ejected, the currency will strengthen; China is buying euro bonds to diversify out of US dollars; the ECB is playing the hawk (it recently raised interest rates and signalled it was prepared to tighten monetary policy further, which strengthens the currency in the medium term).

    It's a good article, well worth a read.

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    Would all those who voted for Blair and Brown kindly stand up and be counted.
    Also, if most of the wealth of citizens came from the tax free appreciation of
    their property, guess it is time to give some of it back....

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    To be fair to labour party voters, I don't recall seeing a part in their manifesto that said

    1. We will sell all our gold as soon as price drops to historic lows.

    2. We will waste all our North sea oil bonanza on housing benefit


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