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    Is this it - are house prices on their way down now?

    Halifax has been reporting house price falls for several months, Land Registry a mixed bag (down in May, up in June) and now Nationwide has reported that prices are declining, dropping off 0.5% in July.

    None of this provides any conclusive evidence of a double dip, but its fair to say that the disparate indices are converging on a trend of house price falls.

    A basic imbalance in supply and demand is behind the turning market. Buyers are too skint, can't get the mortgages or are too fearful of the impact of the government's sweeping cuts to dare enter onto the housing market - at least for a while.

    But sellers are realising that the party may be over - the rise in prices short lived - and it is time to get a quick sale. There are others who were forced to become landlords and have been sitting it out, but after the recovery in house prices decided now was the time to shift that property once and for all. The abolition of HIPs is also said to play a role, but I personally remain sceptical about just how much this would influence such a big decision as buying or selling.

    Do you find yourself in either party and what are you doing?

    Maybe you think that house prices are hugely over-valued and we're finally in for that long over-due crash? Or maybe you think we should stop quibbling about a 0.1% rise here and a 0.5% drop there? Maybe you think I should stop asking leading questions - either way, what do you reckon?

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    I buy in the NE of England

    If you want to sell a house drop the price by 30% of the high Values and it will see its about price

    If your not getting viwings the price is too high plain and simple

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    Prices here in the uk are completely out of canter with France Thailand cambodia , materials are not that different in price from Thailand yet a nice house can be bulit for 30000 their ok add 100% for the uk and that still puts it at only 60000, the truth is people exspect houses to be expensive and hence the builders meet their wishes,

    This is rip off Britain and will be so for many years to come..

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    As a man with 3 daughters, none of whom are likely with current prices to be able to buy a house, I think the market must move down: I.e. to meet the first time buyers en masse.
    Interest rates will go up sooner than the concensus expect, and my view is that prices will remain static - that is, decline in real terms re ongoing inflation for 10 years.
    Then we have our long term 4 x average earnings house price back again.

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    Lovely to see house prices are on the way down again. UK house prices are starting to come down again possibly due to savers who are being completely ripped off keeping their money away from the mortgage lenders, this will only end when interest rates go up.


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