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    Lloyds to MBNA Balance Transfer

    Hi, just applied for that new MBNA 38 month balance transfer card. I just realised (thought it was owned by BOA) that MBNA is owned by Lloyds.

    The reason I got this card is to transfer a balance from a Lloyds Bank credit card to the MBNA one as the interest-free period is expiring. This wouldn't be a problem right?

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    Probably you will be ok I don't know how much things have merged back office wise yet - if you don't ask you don't get.

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    they say 'no transfer from lloyds bank cards' on lloyds website and on MBNA website they say 'no transfers from MBNA cards' so should be ok!

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    You can still do BT!!!8217;s between Lloyds and Halifax and Lloyds and Bank of Scotland. That is after 8 years of being the same group. MBNA will likely be the same for a while.

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    agreed, should fine. at least for now.


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