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    Hi need some advise i have a cashplus credit card its not a prepaid card its a regular creditcard..been having issues with them last month they didnt take a payment from a recurring card so called them after they tried contacting me and they had fined me a late fee (most card company's can sort a issue over the phone not cash plus they have to call head office and then wait days) so they took a manual payment for the missing payment and said a refund would be given for the lat fee thought that would be it...but a few days later the original payment was taken by the now fixed automated system ..then the manual payment came out TWICE so they took the payment 3 times..they told me they couldnt give me a refund till they worked out why it had happened and no set date.. but after a week or so it was sorted with a promise it wouldnt happen now this month because they never got a payment till after last months bill had been printed they took last months payment again with this months..when i called was told they couldnt refund the mistake but to go to a cash point and refund the difference thats my only i tried to complain told me they could raise a complaint cause i complained last month and would have to add it to that one but thats closed ..asked for head office number was refused asked to speak to a manager or supervisor was refused so tried to close the account was told i cant unless i pay off the balance in full what can i do

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    Didn’t know they did a credit card.

    What’s the rate of interest.

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    34.08 % p.a Fixed for all other amounts payable under
    your agreement

    card is invite only

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    Cashplus branched out into a credit card some time ago. As far as I know it's by invitation which is sent to existing prepaid card holders. Don't know the APR.

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    cashplus is a con. I got a creditbuilder prepaid card with the loan part on it about 18 months ago. it did nothing other than take 6 a month off me. complete waste of time and money and would not recommend to anybody. i couldnt even close the account just stopped using it and now cant log in so dont know if it closed. theyre awful.


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