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    Credit Card Debt from the UAE

    Hi All,

    I worked in the United Arab Emirates in 2007 - 2008 and due to being made redundant i had to use my UAE credit cards to get my wife and children back to the UK.

    I didn't hear anything regarding the credit card debt until last week when a UK Solicitor contacted me to say that they are taking me to court and filling for bankruptcy.

    They say that the Limitations Act 1980 does not apply because the debt is from the UAE.

    Having spoken to CAB and National Debtline they say this is a grey area in UK law and more and more people are being prosecuted.

    I have also been made aware that if you are made bankrupt in the UK this does not wipe your debt in the UAE. If you return to the UAE you would still be arrested for leaving the debt and thrown in jail.

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    Dont believe you can be bankrupt in the uk for a UAE debt unless theres some agreement in place.

    Do you want to pay the debt or not ? Must be alot if a solicitor is involved.

    Depends i you want to return to UAE in the future.

    There are specialists but I dont believe they are on the forum, you will have to seek 1 out yourself.

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    As its a foreign debt they can only pursue through the courts who can then decide what action to take, however its unlikely you would be bankrupted over it and it cant affect your UK credit record.

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    Why don't you just pay it, then all the problems would go away?

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    The original debt in 2008 was just over 5000, they are now trying to say that I owe over 60,000.


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