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    Where to Hold Savings

    Hi All,

    I received a letter this morning to advise that my regular saver with Nationwide was maturing and that all money in it would be saved in a low interest account. I do have the option of feeding money into a new regular saver with Nationwide @ 5%, however the limits are 250 per month and I currently have 2400 within this account, coupled with the fact that each month I hope to increase my saving!!!8217;s pot.

    Another problem I have is that my First Direct regular saver that holds 2000 is also close to maturing with again limited savings options with them on a new regular saver.

    What are my options, I don!!!8217;t want 4400 doing nothing each month and with my salary I expect (and hope) this amount will increase.

    I tried some months ago for the HSBC regular saver, however my application was rejected.

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    Links at the top of this page may help you.

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    Thanks, from what I can see the Nationwide and First Direct Regular savers @5% are my only option and after this it's current accounts with 1%?


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