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    When do Fidelity fund buys go through?

    I'm thoroughly confused on this as it look to be all over the shop.

    Sometimes you buy an OEIC and it appears within a day, other times 2-3 days.

    I can't find anything concrete on their website, apologies if I've missed it.

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    I think it depends on the Fund Manager. For example, Janus Henderson take 1 day but Baillie Gifford take 2. I have not experienced 3 days.

    I have seen the same with HL.

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    In this case it's a mix, seen 2 days with Fundsmith, Lindsell Train, and SDL funds.

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    You have the dealing point and then the settlement point. The funds you have will state their dealing point and settlement point in their documentation. It's not Fidelity. I cant recall what level of prefunding Fidelity do.

    Fidelity's software is not real time.

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    Various platforms will have their own policies for receiving and placing orders. For instance they may say instructions received before 8:00 or 11:00 or whatever will be placed at the next valuation point. I don't know what Fidelity use, perhaps someone here can say or just give them a ring. Different funds will have different valuation points, often midday but some like Vanguard are 21:00. So it depends upon when you place your instruction and into what fund


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