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    Lasting power of attorney costs

    I have been quoted a figure of 950 plus vat for four lasting power of attorney’s . Financial and health / welfare for me and my wife . On top of this there is a registration fee of 82 for each of the POA’s . Firstly is it advisable to get a solicitor to do this or is it something that can be done another way ? Secondly does this seem a fair price as a total of almost 1500 seems to me quite expensive . Thanks for any help .

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    Is the right answer and, to be honest, if the persons who are being given power of attorney to are not savvy enough to realise this then perhaps you should have a rethink.

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    Very easy to do yourself, just work through the forms slowly and then print out get signed and sent off, think ours took around 2 months to come back.

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    I had POA for an uncle, where I was also Executor and a beneficiary of the will.
    I had a solicitor draw up the POA. He had dementia, but still had capacity. She confirmed my uncle was of sound mind at the time of completing. She also helped with some of the questions, and explained to him the implications of what he was doing.I felt far more comfortable doing it this way, although I don't think the fee was 1500.00.
    I am not saying that DIY is not right for most cases, but I don't think is black and white


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